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Sabtu, 13 September 2014

tips around rinjani

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There are also other activities centred around the park including eco-walks and tree planting treks. Choose the provider carefully to ensure they do actually have an understanding of the local environment and an informed and genuine commitment to environmental sustainability practice. One long term Rinjani trek provider, Rinjani Trekking Club, has attempted to shift the focus of activities upon the mountain to one of environmental respect and sustainability. Programs such as carrying out rubbish and maintaining clean camp sites and trails is a stated objective of the more eco-sustainable trek providers. It is important though to ensure that if a trek marketed as eco-friendly is taken that the trekking guides’ do conform to their own stated objectives and policies during the trek.


In and around Sembalun Lawang you will have the opportunity to purchase unique and high quality hand woven cloth.

If you are trekking outside of an organised group, you should carry in all necessary food for your trek. Fresh fruit and high energy foods are especially appropriate. If you are planning to make the ascent to the absolute summit try to carry a special food item with you for celebrating your achievement of reaching the top.

Trekking packages usually include food which is carried and prepared by the porters.
There are simple restaurants at the lodges in Senaru and Sembalun Lawang.

If you are trekking independently, stock up with some liquids at Senaru or Sembalun Lawang. A flask of hot tea or coffee is very appropriate.
There are a lot of fresh springs on both routes and these determine the positioning of the campsites. You therefore do not need to carry large quantities of water with you. The springs can run a little dry sometimes but all guides should know the status of each spring beforehand.


There is no lodging in the park itself, but some simple places to stay can be found at Senaru & Sembalun Lawang.

Pondok Senaru Beach Cottage is a typical guesthouse that offers a variety of Standard, Deluxe and Superior rooms (approximately 10 rooms total). Basic amenities like towels, soap and bottled water are present, but standard rooms have no hot water. There is no air conditioning, not that you will need it, as temperatures drop to below 20 deg Celsius at night. Breakfast included. There is a warung across the street if you need variety.

Tanjung on the nearby northwest coast has several more upmarket offerings, and both it and the Gili Islands are reasonably close to Mount Rinjani. Many visitors choose to stay in the Senggigi region and travel north to Mount Rinjani by road.

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